Lubricants for Businesses


Pacific Petroleum offers a broad range of high-performance lubricants and greases to cover all your farm requirements.

Phillips 66 lubricants and greases meet the most stringent industry and OEM specifications. These lubricants are built to keep your equipment working as hard and as long as you do.

From heavy-duty engine oils to industrial oils and greases, Phillips 66 lubes are designed to tackle the agricultural industry’s tough conditions and demanding requirements, while keeping your equipment running smoothly all year round.


Customers deserve the very best from their engine oil, whether they’re driving a family car, a hard working truck or a treasured high performance vehicle.

Pacific Petroleum delivers a complete line-up of engine oil, gear lubricants, transmission fluids and greases to cover all your automotive requirements.

Pacific Petroleum can support you by supplying products that meet the most stringent OEM specifications and API certification. We can also provide expert automotive account managers.

Construction and Earthmoving

If construction projects put your equipment in situations demanding protection, we are the business partner for you.

Choose lubricants that protect your construction equipment and your reputation. Phillips 66 lubricants offer an impressive line-up of heavy-duty engine oils, industrial oils, and greases engineered to handle the harsh and demanding realities of life on the job site.


Pacific Petroleum and Phillips 66 lubricants are a logical choice for your industrial needs, ranging from compressors, gearboxes and hydraulic systems to industrial turbine equipment.

Our lubricants are made from the highest quality base oils and provide:

  • Extended range of service temperatures
  • Potential extended drain capability
  • Better flow characteristics at low temperatures
  • Enhanced thermal and oxidative stability at high temperatures
  • Extended equipment life
  • Reduced corrosion and deposits
  • Reduced maintenance and downtime.

Our technical services coupled with Phillips 66 lubricants provide maximum protection for your equipment, whether it’s operating at very low or high temperatures, under extremely high loads or in demanding conditions.

Mining / Drilling / Quarrying

For decades, Phillips 66 has worked with mine and drilling operators to develop custom products, as well as supply and delivery systems.  

Pacific Petroleum’s technical account managers can provide hands-on support and training. They know the mining and drilling business inside out and will work with you and our technical services group to achieve:

  • Better fuel economy
  • Extended lubricant life due to superior oxidation stability and improved equipment protection
  • Better equipment protection with a base oil that is pure and resistant to oxidation and thermal breakdown
  • Excellent wear protection resulting in longer life for vital components, such as cylinder liners and rings, camshafts, valve trains, bearings and gear drives
  • Exceptional soot discrepancy over extended periods, ensuring cleaner engines and reduced deposits
  • Extension of drain intervals that help save time and reduce maintenance costs.

Power and Energy

With over 120 years experience, Phillips 66 lubricants have a rich history of proven technological expertise and product development.

Phillips 66 provides leading-edge technology developed by highly recognised industry experts. Production and utilisation of high-quality base oils, combined with extremely sophisticated formulations, underscores its position as a leader in the lubricants industry.

Our experience and products can support your assets by:

  • Eliminating downtime
  • Increasing asset reliability
  • Extending equipment life with confidence
  • Reducing costs.

Technical Services/ Engineering

Pacific Petroleum’s experienced technical services team is the backbone of the products we sell.

When you buy a Phillips 66 product, you are purchasing a product that has been thoroughly tested before being packaged and sold.

Our capabilities encompass:

  • Assisting customers in product selection and applications with extensive industry expertise
  • Assisting lubrication issues
  • Conducting lubrication surveys
  • Interpreting oil analysis results
  • Conducting specialised industry lubrication testing
  • Infield technical support.
  • Our analysis and engineering programs are backed by an independent testing laboratory to ensure the strictest quality assurance.


The transport industry is a tough and competitive environment. At Pacific Petroleum, we fully understand the transport needs for the on-road fleet.

At Pacific Petroleum, we create business partnerships with our transport clients which are focused on:

  • Reducing downtime
  • Increasing asset reliability
  • Extending equipment life with confidence
  • Reducing costs.

Whether interstate, intrastate, short run, bus or commercial vehicle workshops, our highly experienced account managers work with you to get more from your lubrication.

Pacific Petroleum has a full range of lubricants, engine oils, transmission fluids gear oils greases and coolants to get the job done.