Environmental and Fuel Efficient Lubes by Phillips 66

In an effort to help save the environment without compromising the performance of vehicles, Phillips 66 developed environmental and fuel efficient lubricants. The multinational energy company has formulated new products to fit different kinds of applications. The new line includes Guardol FE Diesel Engine Oil and Ecoterra Hydraulic Oil. read more

Equipment Leasing Solutions For Your Business

On our previous blog, we provided a list of objectives and things that you have to consider before buying or leasing your equipment. This time, Pacific Petroleum will provide some equipment options that you can consider, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of using specific kinds of fuel storage tanks. read more

Do I Lease My Fuel Equipment or Buy My Fuel Equipment, Which is Better?

Business owners nowadays are finding different ways on how they can save money and at the same time grow their company. When starting a business, some businesses try to buy everything they need to perform their day-to-day operations. Before getting service solutions, you have to figure out whether it will be beneficial to you and your business. read more

Bulk Fuel Facilities Can Save Your Company Money – Here’s How…

Labour, Vehicles, and Fuel are your largest expenses. You may not be able to reduce labour rates nor easily and quickly change the mix of the vehicles in your fleet, but you have more control over fuel expense and the impact this has on your costs than you think. Your own bulk fuel facilities can deliver surprising cost savings and surprisingly provide increased security for your business. read more

Advantages of On-site Refuelling Services

Having the right fuel solutions suited to your business needs is important. Not only during crucial days of production but all year-round. On-site refuelling services can help in improving the company’s productivity. With this, you can be sure that you have what you need to meet the requirements of the business. read more