Bulk Fuel

With a network of bulk fuel depots and a fleet of delivery vehicles, Pacific Petroleum offers fuel solutions and equipment for short or long-term projects.

At Pacific Petroleum, you get tailored fuel solutions that fit the needs of your business needs. With our bulk fuel deliveries, you can rest assured that the fuel you need will be delivered safely and consistently to your fleet/site.

Our bulk fuel deliveries are ideal for various businesses in the agriculture, commercial transport, automotive, marine, mining, retail, power generation, and manufacturing industries.

We offer bulk fuel and lubricant from trusted and well-known brands like Phillips 66, Shell, and Mobil.


We have a network of bulk fuel depots and a fleet of delivery vehicles to meet all your bulk needs. Whether it’s 1,000 or 55,000 litres, we have the right trucks to help get the job done. Even if there are fluctuations in the market that causes low fuel supply, you wouldn’t have to worry about not having enough supply in stock.


To make your fuel administration and control easier we make sure that our trucks are equipped with the latest technology. Bulk fuel deliveries keep you and your staff from spending too much time and money in organising fuel deliveries. We have the right equipment for storing our fuels and lubricants.


There are strict regulations and controls around bulk fuel storage. By dealing through Pacific Petroleum you can be assured that equipment is fully compliant and backed by expert advice. To maintain the quality of products we offer, we make sure that our fuels and lubricants are stored safely and properly.

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