Equipment Lease

Pacific Petroleum can tailor specific equipment and service solutions for your business to save you time and money. Whether you want to lease/hire or buy, we have the solutions to help you get the job done.

At Pacific Petroleum, we offer fuel storage tank rental to accommodate your bulk fuel orders. We also sell equipment and chemicals to help maintain your fuel economy and keep your vehicle in peak condition. We also offer Lubricant Engineering services to create the best lubricant solutions to meet your business needs.

We have the right trucks and equipment to provide the fuel and lubricants you need to keep your machines and equipment running and in peak condition.

Aside from offering fuels and lubricants, we also have depots where you can use your fuel cards to purchase a hot meal on the go. Our depots have a variety of products that you can buy whenever you decide to stop over for refuelling.


Ask yourself how long it takes to refuel your equipment? Are trucks queuing up at your bulk facility? How much time does your administration staff spend on reconciling your fuel usage? Pacific Petroleum offers high-quality fuels and lubricants at the most competitive prices. Purchasing in bulk keeps your staff from spending too much time in organising deliveries.


There are strict regulations around bulk fuel storage. By dealing through Pacific Petroleum, you are assured that all equipment is fully compliant and backed up by expert advice. To offer high-quality products, we make sure that our fuels and lubricants are stored using the proper equipment.


We provide a range of options to meet your fuel storage needs, ranging from farm tanks and trailer tanks to large bulk fuel installations. We have unmanned stations that you can access 24/7 to fill your tank when you need it most.

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