Fuel Cards

Transport is a competitive environment where time is money. To increase your efficiency, Pacific Petroleum offers fuel cards so you can get going quickly.

When using fuel cards, you can manage how much your drivers can spend and how often they can purchase. This also allows you to manage the number and kind of transaction allowed for each card.

With our local and national fuel cards, you can help your drivers avoid out-of-pocket expenses. These fuel cards make your transactions convenient since you won’t have to worry about handling receipts and reimbursements.

You can also use Pacific Petroleum fuel cards to buy other products from the stores located in our service stations in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria, as well as Motorpass fuel stations nationwide. Using your fuel cards, you can also get competitive discounts on selected products.


The Local Card offers great benefits including no transaction fees, card fees or account keeping fees. Plus, the Local Card is valid for Pacific Petroleum Diner and in-store purchases.
The Local card is only accepted at Pacific Petroleum sites. Since this card network is controlled by Pacific Petroleum, you won’t be charged for card and transaction fees. Additionally, you can avail our products and services at their most competitive prices when you use the local card.


The national card is a co-branded card by Pacific Petroleum and Motorpass.
It’s not just a fuel card, the National Card is accepted at any of our locations plus over 5000 other locations nationwide. The cardholders are also entitled to Motorpass diesel discounts.

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