Onsite Refueling

For truck fleets and certain equipment, having enough fuel all the time very important. Having enough helps in accomplishing the day’s workload on time, helping you save time and money.

As distributors, we understand the importance of making sure you never run out of fuel, providing tailored solutions to meet all your onsite and project refuelling requirements.

At Pacific Petroleum, we offer onsite refuelling for various purposes. From commercial transport, agriculture, automotive, marine, and mining, to retail, manufacturing, and power generation.

With our onsite refuelling services, you can have your fuel delivered directly to your fleet even when they’re parked. Our onsite refuelling services help you avoid worrying about running out of fuel and transporting your tanks in order to refuel.


Pacific Petroleum has a range of small and large fuel trucks to refuel your equipment, whether you need to fill a generator, earthmoving equipment, locomotive, or ship. We offer high-quality fuel and lubricants from popular and trusted brands like Phillips 66, Shell, and Mobil.


Here at Pacific Petroleum, we provide tailored solutions by utilising petroleum products such as gasoline / diesel / chemicals / lubricants and equipment. To make your fuel administration and control easy, we make sure that our trucks are equipped with the latest technology.


We have small and large fuel trucks to cater the different needs of your business. Pacific Petroleum has the right trucks to get the job done. For all projects, we not only provide an onsite delivery service, but we can also provide self-bundled tanks, dispensing equipment, and fuel management systems for short or long-term projects.

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